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Infrastructure inKashmir - Industrial Scenario

Jammu and Kashmir mostly has manufacturing industries, small-scale industries, cottage industries etc. There are industries in almost all parts of Jammu and Kashmir but some areas have been marked as primarily and significantly industrial areas. Some of these important areas are:

• Industrial Growth Centre in Samba
• Integrated Infrastructure Development Project in Udhampur
• Industrial Complex in Bari Brahmana
• Industrial Estate in Zakura
• Industrial Growth Centre in Ompora

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has also laid some policies for the development of industries in the state.

Small Scale Industries of Jammu and Kashmir - The Jammu and Kashmir State is heavily dependent on its tourism industry. The government is aware of the fact and they are trying to build an industrial atmosphere in the state. They have invited leading industrial houses of the country. However, the state is not in a very good condition as it has faced severe terrorism threats and insurgencies. The people of the state need jobs and since the industrial process is time taking, only Small Scale Industries of Jammu and Kashmir can help.

The following are the areas, which have been given preference to promote Small Scale Industries in Jammu and Kashmir are:

• Priority sector lending by Banks and Financial Institutions.
• Excise Exemption or concessions
• Reservation of items for exclusive production
• Package of Incentives
• Emphasis now on promotion of quality, technology and efficiency
• Price & Purchase preference
• Infrastructure Development

The main types of small-scale industries in Jammu and Kashmir are:

• Food products
• Beverages
• Machinery parts
• Plastic goods
• Chemicals
• Drugs
• Paper products
• Automobile equipment
• Handicrafts

These industries help to provide bread and butter to the people of the state, both in the urban and rural sector.

Industrial Infrastructure - The Jammu and Kashmir State is eager to introduce industrialization in the state with the hope that it will support the state revenue to a considerable extent. The revenue earning of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is largely dependent on the tourism industry, but in the recent past the government is stressing on the hard-core industries keeping in mind the positive effects of in-detribalization. Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Infrastructure is fast developing and the state government is emphasizing on the other aspects of the state to make the state favorable for the out-side industrial groups so that they come and invest in and generate the existing businesses here.

The other aspects, which should be kept in good condition to back and assist the Industrial Infra-structure in Jammu and Kashmir, are road and railway network, transport system, law and order, etc.

The government of the state of Jammu and Kashmir has already demarcated certain areas as favor-able for industrialization. These are:

• Industrial Complex at Bari Brahmana in Jammu
• Industrial Estate at Gangyal in Jammu
• Electronic Complex at Rangreth in Srinagar
• Industrial Complex Lassipora at Pulwama in Kashmir
• Industrial Complex at Khonmoh in Srinagar
• Industrial Growth Centre at Samba in Jammu
• Export Promotion Industrial Park at Kartholi in Jammu
• Industrial Area in Kathua
• Industrial Estate at Zainakote in Srinagar
• Industrial Estate at Zakura in Srinagar
• Industrial Growth Centre at Ompora in Budgam




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