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Kashmir Terrorism

There was a time when Jammu & Kashmir State happened to be one of the single States where the percentage of criminal activities was at its lowest level. But with the passage of time the incidence of crime increased and this elevated graph of crime statistics declined to show reduced trend in view of large scale violence in the past. Although there seems to be considerable decline in the downwards trend in the Crime rate yet, by the overall situation, it is very easy to analyze that the people living across the State still continue to be against the perpetration of incriminating activities in the State. The basic reason is that the majority of people living in the three divisions of the State are not only law abiding but peace-loving also. But unfortunately an outside element did find its passage to seek entry into our state for perpetrating crime on the Kashmir soil. The elements operating against our National interests unluckily infiltrated into our territory and resorted to such techniques as was sufficient to cause chaotic situation in the entire state in general and Kashmir valley in particular. The inimical forces which were watching us consistently from across the border received an opportunity to create large scale disturbances all over the state due to which some other northern parts of the country also got engulfed in the turmoil. Prior to the eruption of militancy in Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir), Punjab led itself in facing the heavy brunt of terrorism as its basic sponsorship was also shouldered by the anti-national elements across the border. Following Punjab terrorism the forces operating for vitiating the atmosphere in Kashmir valley did not leave any stone unturned in trying to subvert the lawfully established affairs of the valley. The anti-national elements across the border who have always been opposing our moves to promote our national interests remained committed to implement the plan and operations envisaged in their prepared plane titled “Operation to Pak”. The said unholy and disgusting plan got luckily unveiled which gave birth to frustration among the forces, which were hell-bent to jeopardize the peaceful security scenario of the valley and its adjoining areas. It was their frustration and nothing-else which paved a way to them to resort to various terroristic-actions. The motive behind their school of evil thought was to terrorize the people of Kashmir through their intimidatory tactics like kidnapping, abductions, indiscriminate firing, arsoning and bomb blasts etc. However, their plans were defeated and the situation improved which brought formidable transformation into the boggling mindset of a few sections of people who would previously extend their moral support to the militant outfits. They realized the pros & cons of their follies & misdeeds committed by them in the past and good sense immediately prevailed upon them which proved to be greater set back to the foreign mercenaries who blindly and intentionally created large scale massacre in the valley. The militants, who infiltrated into the valley through LOC’s and other bordering areas kept the vicious cycle of violence on for very prolonged period as a result of which, thousands of innocent lives got perished. In-spite of all such odds & evils directed towards Kashmiris and notwithstanding the trouble & miserable days suffered by the Kashmiris, the terrorists did not feel it imperative to spare any thought for the plight of the helpless ordinary citizens and the resultant was spurt of increase in episodes of emotional disorders due to long dawn conflict situation and psychological disorders among the masses, which showed that how unscrupulous elements had caused havoc like situation in every nook & corner of State (Jammu & Kashmir). The militancy basically arose out of the sub-conventional conflict directed by Pakistan for the issues which still continue to bedevil India-Pakistan relations. But people living towards this side of LOC want to bury rusting corrosive hate-net of sixty years of relations. What is paramount is to keep the Indo-Pak peace process on which is the only way to help in reducing the tension between the two bordering countries. But ironically there are certain elements who still continue to operate create impediments and other obstructions of tackling the substantive differences that trouble the bilateral relations of India & Pakistan. This is being one more source of discontent and anger in the minds of Kashmiri people. To overcome all such impediments, it calls for serious and study watch coupled with exertion and extraordinary patience in the people of Kashmir.

Now Pakistan is reaping its fruit for sponsoring terrorism on Indian soil which is obvious in view of the terrorist onslaughts which are frequently being carried out by their own people in Pakistan. Pakistan is now trying to project to the worldwide that she is also a victim of terrorism & militancy. Indian perception was quiet right that Pakistan provided space and shelter to terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists like LeT, HUJI, HuM, Al-Qaida, Al-Jehad etc in the recent past and their situation is quite eloquently justified in an old saying that “one who sows thorns cannot expect to reap flowers”. One could easily infer whether the deeds performed by terrorists, who were operating their clandestine activities in the Kashmir valley were not only unholy, but aimed at to cause devastation of the State. When we observe through the world prospective it becomes crystal clear that how Pakistan is sheltering terrorists who operate worldwide. Similarly, the mentors sitting in Pak occupied Kashmir continues to raise useless issues to keep the situation in the valley boiled. Infact they would not have succeeded in perpetrating their Onslaught activities in the Kashmir valley and its adjoining areas in case a misguided section of local people would not have extended their helping hand in continuing the activities in the State.

The negative impact of the undesirable activities indulged into by the inimical forces made the lives of innocent people of the valley not only miserable but woeful also. The entire set up of the valley got disrupted by the deep rooted conspiracy hatched by the forces existing across the border. One particular community of the people, who had been natives of the valley, had to leave their hearth and home in the valley. The Pakistan Government openly equipped its elements with adequate weaponry with its sole aim to use this weaponry used against the people of Kashmir. The gun culture prevailed in the valley in the past made large scale devastation, as a result of which every developmental activity came to a grinding halt. The educational career of youth was marred. Similarly, the flourishing tourist industry of the state received a great jolt resulting into the heavy loss of state exchequer. The pleasant environment assumed the shape of obnoxious phenomenon which played havoc with every walk of life in the valley. Mentors across the border received an opportunity to espouse the fundamentalist cause so as to provoke the gullible form of society against the lawfully established Govt. They kept on harping on old rhetorics of alleged violations of human rights. They tried to create a wedge between various sections of the State. They could not even tolerate the unity among Kashmiri Muslims. It is very much obvious that they engineered the trouble by perishing many Muslim innocent lives in order to compel other Muslim population under the potential of threat and intimidation to shun the secular character and adopt separatist ideologies. But the people of Kashmir not caring about their such threat discarded them out rightly, as a result of which, the secessionist organizations now has lost much of its sheen, which is an indicative that the people of Kashmir do not now support the cause of separatists with their heart rather they have realized that the ideology of the separatists was aimed at to create only miseries for the people of Kashmir.

Mumbai attack on 26/11 still continues to loom largely over the minds of Indian Nationals. It is known to everyone that how reluctant the investigating agencies of Pakistan are in handing over the accused to the Indian Government, notwithstanding the fact known by them that the attack on Mumbai on 26/11 was conspirator and executed by the ISI of Pakistan.

In order to keep their activities on so as to keep the so-called Kashmir issue alive in their agenda, Pakistan sponsored ISI is openly focusing its meticulous attention upon funding terrorism. The free flow of funds through their conduits apart from managing the dispatch of money through Hawala transactions are the clinching evidence of providing financial assistance to the various militant outfits for operating their activities to terrorize innocent gentry of the State. Narco trade has also been found responsible for giving vent to the terrorist activities in the State and thus the flow of Narco Dollar through the hands of ANEs help them in keeping the pot boiling in the valley. But their this diabolic plan shall never bring any success to them in their unholy mission rather the perpetual activities would get redirected to Pakistan as nothing bad or good goes unnoticed before the great Almighty. However, for the last about more than a decade, there has been substantial improvement in the Kashmir scenario. The situation has changed and the improved situation brought formidable transformation into the boggling mindset of a few sections of people who would previously extend their moral support to the militant outfits.




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