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September 30, 2016

Surgical Strikes by India on Terrorist Launching Pads across LoC in Pakistan

Surgical strikes have been conducted by our heliborn and ground forces at midnight of 28-29 September on terrorist launching pads across the LoC, 11 days after the Uri Brigade Headquarter attack. As many as seven launching pads for militants were attacked and destroyed in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Full appreciation has to be given to the planners of the blitzkrieg. There has been meticulous coordination between the Defence Ministry, Army, Cabinet and political structure in the country. Not a single loose end was left uncared for.

The Home Minister has played crucial role in garnering support of the opposition in the Parliament leaving to none of them even the slightest space of raising eyebrow. The opposition is not only silenced but stupefied because the bold and decisive action taken by Prime Minister Modi has won him support of each and every Indian, the nation of 125 crores.

Our Army jawans and commanders including the field commanders, who undertook the successful mission, deserve our salute. We are proud of them as we always have been. The biggest lesson from this great feat of bravery for the nation and the leaders is that do not discredit the Army as some of us has been doing for some time in recent past because of political aggrandizement. Let our Army remain away from political skullduggery and let it maintain its status, dignity, grace and power. Give authority to our commanders, make them the arbiters of action against the enemy and stay behind them with full force. This is the world’s finest and most disciplined Army; it is the pride of India.

Pakistan has again resorted to denial methodology. It says there was no surgical strike. We understand their embarrassment, compulsion and shamefacedness. For decades, Pakistan has been saying that it is not involved in Kashmir sedition. How then will she accept that the terrorist camps existing on PoK have been smashed and destroyed? That would be confession of abetting terrorism. That will expose Pakistan and belie the statement of her Prime Minister presented to the UN General Assembly only a couple of days ago.

With all said and done, some crucial questions arise. There are many terrorist camps far away from the proximity of LoC deep inside Pakistan in the regions adjoining KP. How are we to deal with those? Second, the jihadis of terrorist organizations — LeT, JM. HuM etc will find other hideouts close to the LoC to re-assemble, reactivate and continue the process of infiltration. Surely, don’t be under the impression that after striking at seven or five launching pads, the game of infiltration has ended? Don’t think the enemy is so chicken-hearted. So the security forces have to make plans and calculations how best in shortest possible time, with quickest possible methodology they can formulate a formidable response. That is precisely what our planners must immediately care for. The Pandora’s Box is open, and the contents will tumble out of it one by one. This could be the beginning of the end.

Two more things need to be said. First, no big power in the world including China has so far reacted against India’s action. The reason is that India has given more than convincing proof to the entire world community that in her neighborhood stands the country that is the epicenter of international terrorism. What India has done is that she has challenged international terrorism and invited Pakistan to cooperate with her in eradicating the menace. India has shown to the world that it has the capacity and the will to give the terrorists and their sponsors what they deserve.

Lastly, the impact of India’s surgical strikes will have significant impact not only on the seditionists and traitors of Kashmir but also, and very explicitly, on the ambivalent political actors, public functionaries and double speakers among known personalities. And finally, the most important impact will be that it will undoubtedly deepen the fissures between Pakistan army and the elected Government. After Kargil debacle, Pakistan army has brought one more humiliation to that nation.

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