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Peacekashmir.org is a comprehensive information source on the rich cultural heritage and harmonious blend of art/religion besides political affairs of Jammu & Kashmir state in India. We showcase historical / geographical facts of Jammu & Kashmir state apart from information on world affairs & other perspectives viz pilgrimage, Handicrafts, Horticulture, and Agriculture etc.

We aim to be the leading portal on Kashmir centric information, providing a wide range of free services including news, articles, reviews, trends, downloads and important information on Kashmir in J&K, India. We intent providing:



We also invite articles from our visitors to PeaceKashmir.org. To facilitate the process we would recommend you to have a look at all the sections of our website and decide which section of PeaceKashmir.org is most likely to get contribution from you. Contact us - ideally by email - and briefly outline your idea. Contact email addresses for the purpose is contactatpeacekashmirdotorg. You can alternatively click here to fill-up the contact form.














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